The First Deinonychus

Second Deinonychus

The Second Deinonychus

General Edit

  • Name: Deinonychus antirrhopus
  • Type Movie: Stop-Motion
  • Type: Modeling Clay
  • Other Animals: Struthiomimus sedens
  • Info: Struthiomimus steals a mother Edmontosaurus egg and heads into a cretaceous forest is about to be attacked by two Deinonychus.

Trivia Edit

  • The movie was based off of a villain chase where the Struthiomimus was the villian and the two Deinonychus are the heroes.
  • It's not for sure that the two Deinonychus could be Male and Female or the two animals could be of the same gender due to both of them having the same colored body.
  • It's unknown whether the two Deinonychus are siblings or mates.

Deinonychus attacking Struthiomimus

Deinonychus pair attacking Struthiomimus


Deinonychus attempting hunting Struthiomimus

Gallery Edit

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